Employee Spotlight Scott Cressman

Scott Cressman Scott's work ethic and commitment to quality transcends what is required. He is consistently going above and beyond, while thinking originally. He has been a great addition to our operations team, and I can’t wait to see what he is able to accomplish. -Cameron Miles, General Manager, Splish Splash Car Wash What brought you to Car Wash Express? What continues to attract you to Car Wash Express? What originally brought me to Car Wash Express was my love for cars and being able to work outside. At the time I was currently going to school at CU Denver and Car… Read More

Employee Spotlight Jenifer Keyes

Jenifer shows up with a great attitude everyday and works hard to make sure the wash is better than it was before her shift started. -Cameron Miles, General Manager, Splish Splash Car Wash What brought you to Splish Splash? I moved out to Colorado to attend college at Colorado Mesa University, so i needed a job and at the time one of my good friends had worked here and she told me how much she enjoyed it. She told me to apply and said that they would work with my school schedule and that its such a fun job to… Read More

Employee Spotlight Nick Conrady

Nick is one of those dream employees everyone wants. He has added tremendous value since joining our organization 4 years ago, and his passion and knowledge for the car wash industry goes above and beyond what is expected. - Brett Meinberg,President of Car Wash Express What brought you to Car Wash Express? I came to Car Wash Express 3 years ago from Indiana. I had visited Colorado a few times on vacation and loved it! I had been with another car wash in Indiana for 14 years prior to coming here. I saw Car Wash Express as a young growing… Read More

Employee Spotlight Jason Straka

Jason is one of the main reasons why we can provide our customers with the highest quality wash at Car Wash Express. He understands each and every function of our equipment and is always learning more each day. Having our services available during all operation hours with almost no down time is something we are very proud of and Jason is a big part of making that possible. - Scott Cressman, Operations Manager What makes Car Wash Express a great place to work and learn? Car Wash Express is an amazing place to work because the company realy cares about… Read More

Employee Spotlight Dane Thompson

Car Wash Express values all of our great employees. This issue we want to Spotlight Dane Thompson. "Dane's customer service raises the bar for everyone else at Car Wash Express. I would like to think our amazing car wash is the reason people come to the Highlands Ranch location, but if you spend a few hours there, you will see that they are here to see Dane". - Brett Meinberg,President of Car Wash Express What do you enjoy most about working at car wash express? I really enjoy a few things at car wash express. Mainly interacting with customers, solving… Read More

The Advantages Of An Automated Car Wash Colorado

If you don't look forward to washing your car, you are not alone. Cleaning your car in your driveway is very time consuming, requires a significant amount of energy and it is a really messy job. The majority of people still prefer an automated car wash for good reason. An automated car wash is quicker, more convenient and offers a number of other key advantages. Let's take a look at some of the top reasons why automated car washes are so popular. Car Wash Colorado: A Thorough Clean If you carefully select your automated car wash Colorado, you'll find that… Read More

What Makes the Best Car Wash Denver Has to Offer?

Car washes are a necessary part of upkeep on any car for a few very obvious reasons. There are also a few different things that make a car wash truly amazing and well worth the money and time that you spend on it. That being said, here are three components that make a great car wash that is well worth the money that any Carwash Express location can offer. Options- the first thing that makes any car wash really spectacular is the number of options that are offered. A good car wash should offer at the very least three different… Read More