Jason is one of the main reasons why we can provide our customers with the highest quality wash at Car Wash Express. He understands each and every function of our equipment and is always learning more each day. Having our services available during all operation hours with almost no down time is something we are very proud of and Jason is a big part of making that possible. – Scott Cressman, Operations Manager

What makes Car Wash Express a great place to work and learn?

Car Wash Express is an amazing place to work because the company really cares about their employees at a level that is hard to come by these days. We have great benefits and fun incentives. The company events are always a good time! There is never a dull moment working at the best car wash in Colorado. It is a great place to learn at as well. There is a lot for employee growth and many skill levels to climb, and their not afraid to teach anyone who wants to learn. I’m still learning new skills, things about carwashing and I have been with the company for a while. Even our company President started out at the bottom!

What differentiates Car Wash Express from other car washes?

I would say that even though our motto is “Eliminate the wait” it is our mission to provide the quickest, most convenient and ultimate experience for our customers. We are always looking to improve the quality of the customer experience as well as the quality of the wash itself, either with new equipment, redesigning how we do things, or offering new services to customers. We have caused change in the car washing industry with the way we do things. I would like to think that Car Wash Express is on the cutting edge of the car washing industry, and I feel we have proved that.

How long have you been employed at Car Wash Express and what motivates you daily on your job?

I have been employed at Car Wash Express for 8 1/2 years. I do not consider this a job. What I have developed here is a career that I love. What motivates me daily on the job is its never the same. Every day is something different, a new challenge to overcome. I don’t wake up in the morning dreading to come in to work. I’m excited.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy hiking and camping, Rocky Mountain National Park is a home away from home. I also try to frequent as many music concerts as I can; Redrocks is my favorite music venue.