Car Wash Express values all of our great employees. This issue we want to Spotlight Dane Thompson. “Dane’s customer service raises the bar for everyone else at Car Wash Express. I would like to think our amazing car wash is the reason people come to the Highlands Ranch location, but if you spend a few hours there, you will see that they are here to see Dane”. – Brett Meinberg,President of Car Wash Express

What do you enjoy most about working at car wash express?

I really enjoy a few things at car wash express. Mainly interacting with customers, solving their car care needs on a day to day basis. I also enjoy the maintenance aspect of the job, plumbing, welding, pneumatics. All of the above! It’s a giant tinker toy that needs constant attention.

What experiences at car wash express have you enjoyed the most and have really enhanced your career?

The best thing that I have done at car wash express would have to be going to Florida with Brett for a week to go to sonny’s car wash college for management training. It really opened my eyes to how big the industry really is, how long it’s been around for and the different variations of car washes that there are. Also, I helped open the detail business at our Centennial location. It was fun to see what the detail business was all about and what kind of work goes into cleaning the inside as well as the outside. I also learned how to wax and buff cars. I take care of small scratch issues at this location because of the training I received from the detail show we had at our Centennial location.

For clients and employees, what differentiates car wash express from other washes?

For employees the in house training really shows them a lot of things from doing our own maintenance to learning about chemicals and ph levels and really getting involved in what it takes to run a business from starting at the bottom of the totem pole. For customers, it’s the fast convenience of the whole operation and the free self-serve vacuums option. They don’t have to worry about detailers doing a bad job or putting in quarters to keep their vacuums going. The experience of our employees here to help customers with whatever needs they have as well helps a lot, and isn’t annoying at the same time.

If there is one thing you hear quite often from customers what is it?

For myself personally, I am told all the time that I have a positive attitude and am very personal when it comes to helping them. My goal is to learn each and every one on a personal level and really show that we care about cleaning their cars. In general from the customers it would be the speed and quality of the car wash. They LOVE IT! 3 minutes in and out clean car that’s dry and you barely have to touch the car. Along with the free vacuums and mat cleaners, I would say that attracts them more than anything.