Put away the bucket and garden hose and trust your Car Wash Fundraiser to the professionals at Car Wash Express!

Our fundraising program is a simple and fun way for your non-profit organization to raise money and awareness for your worthwhile cause. Depending on the layout of the Car Wash Express location, you are encouraged to set up an information table for customers to learn more about your organization. You will receive 20% of the days sales total (not to exceed $1,000), and 100% of Raffle Ticket Sales. Please read the details below!

Car Wash Express Fundraiser Terms and Conditions
1. We will provide a Raffle Prize of One Free Month of Car Washes (unlimited pass, one car). It is up to your organization to sell the Raffle tickets prior to and/or during the event. Your organization will receive 100% of the Raffle Ticket Sales.
2. Car Wash USA Express requires that at least one or more people from your non-profit organization be present during the Fundraising Event.
3. Car Wash USA Express requires that your organization promote the event prior to the date of the fundraiser. This can be through your organization’s social media outlets, emails to your list of previous donors, flyers in the area – get creative!
4. Please completely fill out the Fundraiser Agreement, six weeks prior to your earliest possible date for the event.
5. Completing and turning in the Fundraiser Agreement does not guarantee approval for the event. A Car Wash Express representative will be in touch within two weeks of receiving the completed agreement to confirm the acceptance and date for your Fundraiser Event.

Fundraiser Agreement

  • Car Wash USA Express Fundraising Program Agreement

  • Please list 3 possible dates you would like to have a fundraiser

  • Agreement

    By signing this Fundraising Program Agreement, I am confirming and verifying that I am an authorized representative of the Responsible Party, and that I have the right and authority to enter the Responsible Party into the following binding agreement, including the establishment and maintenance of a Fundraising Campaign with Car Wash Express. I also acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions set forth with regard to establishing and maintaining a Car Wash Express Fundraising Campaign.